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Small Biz Spotlight: Tracy Silverman, Owner of Sweet Lucy’s Bakery, Morristown


There may be cupcakes over her belly but this young lady’s got a bun in the oven! Tracy shared with us that she’s 4 months preggers! Congrats!

Last month, co-founder Kate and I made a very special trip to Morristown’s sweetest new obsession, Sweet Lucy’s Bakery, to meet with owner – and Sowing Room member – Tracy Silverman. We found her to be as warm and inviting as her delectable menu of nosh and as savvy as any successful business owner should be. Here, Tracy talks to us about her journey beyond corporate finance into the land of business building, lessons learned, advice for budding entrepreneurs, and a super special announcement!

The Sowing Room: Your stint in the finance industry – why did you choose it and why did you walk away?

Tracy: I was always good at math and just kind of got pushed in that direction. After college, I got a training position at [a major bank] and simply became disenchanted. Sitting behind a desk, feeling like life didn’t start until getting home…Horrible.

TSR: From math to muffins. You’re a brave girl! So, you quit your job and started a bakery!

Tracy: Not exactly. I actually thought about teaching math first but knew I didn’t want a boss. It was a childhood dream of mine to own a bakery but, like most childhood dreams, I didn’t think it would ever happen. But I found myself in a good position to go back to school. To the Culinary Institute I went. I landed an apprenticeship at Brownie Points in Summit here in Jersey. That’s when I knew I was doing the right thing. Then came Sweet Lucy’s.

TSR: Love it. Why did you choose Morristown?

Tracy: My husband is from the area. We were living in Madison and visited Morristown all the time. We just fell in love with it. The people, the energy. It was like a tiny New York City. I felt like this place needed something like this bakery.

TSR: You’re celebrating your SECOND ANNIVERSARY this coming April – that’s a big deal by most measures! What is your advice for anyone looking to start their own thing?

Tracy: Take the leap of faith! It’s worth it. Just know the first 6 months are going to be tough. I was working so hard I ended up with pneumonia!

TSR: Girl, no. Pneumonia?!

Tracy: Yeah! I was exhausted and trying to do everything. I learned the importance of trusting and allowing other to help me. My husband would call at 9:30pm like, “What are you doing?” I’d be mopping the floor!

TSR: What’s next for Sweet Lucy’s?

Tracy: Our bakers are so amazing and do such beautiful wedding cakes. We’re working to better position those offerings locally and building those relationships.We’re also excited to be getting our menu online finally so look out for that! It changes so often but we know how incredibly important our online efforts are. We’re still learning, too.


Highly Recommended: Raspberry Tart, $3.50 at Sweet Lucy’s

3 Random Facts About Tracy and the SL Crew

1. Tracy uses Facebook for the sole purpose of stalking her friends.
2. Team Sweet Lucy’s is certain that the bakery is haunted and have named their in-house ghost “Tobias.”
3. Humble Brag: “We’ve never had a baker quit!” Tracy was proud to boast this note. When asked about her retention rate, she cites the creative freedom and exceptional ingredients at the ready for experimentation and perfection.

Visit Sweet Lucy’s website for more information about offerings and their upcoming specials. Or just do yourself a favor and go there.

5de89f41-d658-42a1-a81b-11f5fbf66b7756A South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday – Thursday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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