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Genius Meeting Productivity Tip


LinkedIn has essentially eliminated the “presentation” at their company. In lieu of one, they ask that materials that would typically have been presented during a meeting be sent out to participants at least 24 hours in advance so people can familiarize themselves with the content.

It’s noted that just because these material have been sent doesn’t mean it will be read. Taking a page out of Jeff Bezo’s book – Mr., himself – begin each meeting by providing attendees roughly 5-10 minutes to read through the deck. If people have already read it, this gives them an opportunity to refresh their memory, identify areas they’d like to go deeper on, or just catch up on email. How great is that?!

Now, I’m not sure of how appropriate this would be in, say, the case of a pitch for new business BUT I could totally see this being a perfect solution to getting the MOST out of precious time with clients on status meetings (hello, good customer service!) and an EXCELLENT strategy for super productive project/department/staff and faculty meetings. Time is money!

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