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Tip of a Lifetime: Monetize Your To Do List PLUS Free Printables


When I came across this article in Entrepreneur Magazine earlier this year, I nearly feel out of my seat: How Your To-Do List Can Boost Your Bottom Line. It’s no secret that successful entrepreneurs – or anybodies, for that matter – work smarter, not harder and keeping detailed to do lists as well as long- and short-term goal setting can be a huge part of that success. So, when the article started talking about prioritizing that list (and those goals) in terms of financials, my whole life changed…and I bet yours will, too. The article goes on to give six great ways to tweak your to-do list so that you do just that. Here’s their first tip:

Monetize your to-do list. Determine the financial value of completing every task on your list, then write those dollar amounts next to the corresponding items.

For example, if the task is to prepare a proposal to land a $150,000 contract, write “Finish Proposal ($150,000).” If the task is to return a phone call from your number-one customer, who generates $1 million in annual sales, write: “Return Mary’s phone call ($1 million).”

Talk about INCENTIVE! Once you’ve given your tasks a meaningful value, the author advises that you sort them from highest to lowest, divide the list in half, and focus 80% of your time (hello 80/20 Rule!) on the top half, and the remainder of the time on the bottom half..hey, maybe you could even HIRE SOMEONE to handle those things? Get growing!

Hit this AMAZING  ARTICLE for more tips on how to Use Your To Do List To Boost Your Bottom Line from Entrepreneur Magazine

BONUS: created this AMAZING and free 2-step printable I’ve used in the past to unload all of the To Do’s swimming around in my head in one place and then prioritize them! Great tool!


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