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[VIDEO] Cheerio’s #HowToDad Gets Long Form Video (and advertising in general) Right

Watching the evolution of old school brands get digital right in real time downright warms my heart. This new Peanut Butter Cheerios ad series is my favorite of the week – maybe even the year. The brand has been winning on the family-diversity front for more than a year now, with sales and sentiment/engagement spikes to match.

Tribal Worldwide out of Toronto drives this ad series very clearly aimed at Dads – “dadvertising,” called it – marrying a hint “aspirational advertising” with the mirroring of an audiences actual lifestyle (notice how everything is clean and the kids are so well behaved and agreeable as Dad delivers his seamless monologue? Yea right). That one two punch is punctuated with the epic harnessing of the power of a good hashtag – this generations headline. #howtodad

It’s also great to see the brand make use of long form video instead of just hitting YouTube with a 30 second TV ad and calling it “content.” FINALLY, someone GETS IT! Let’s note that this is very much a commercial. But the long form manifesto video being supported by 3 or 4 additional 16 second spots of him basically tossing handfuls of the cereal at his family’s faces truly makes it feel like entertainment. Which is exactly what online advertising SHOULD be if they expect anyone to ELECT to watch these pricy attempts in an audience driven internet. Way to go.


In an odd way, the Cheerio’s commercial reminds me of my favorite ad of all time. It legit makes me cry every time. Enjoy.



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