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VIDEO: What Ashton Kutcher Thinks Is Sexy (and vice versa)

  First of all, “Ashton” isn’t really his first name. It’s Chris. But that is not the only bomb of “secret” truth Mr. Kutcher dropped on us at this years Teen Choice Awards while accepting his for “Ultimate Choice.” This speech is equal parts genius and inspiration and not just because it so conveniently homages Steve Jobs infamous Stanford commencement…


“Focus isn’t deciding what to do, it is deciding what not to do.”

– a paraphrased quote from Steve Jobs

Genius Meeting Productivity Tip

LinkedIn has essentially eliminated the “presentation” at their company. In lieu of one, they ask that materials that would typically have been presented during a meeting be sent out to participants at least 24 hours in advance so people can familiarize themselves with the content. It’s noted that just because these material have been sent doesn’t mean it will be read. Taking…

Here is a snapshot of the morning routines for some of the most successful peoples across numerous industries. See a pattern? Thanks to BloombergBusiness for putting this little survey together.


Getting Money for Your Startup

When putting together a business proposal, “It’s less about rock-solid numbers and more about your idea and instincts,” says Caterina Fake, the Flickr cofounder who now serves as chairman of Etsy. Be sure to research the competition, attend meet-ups, and pick the brains of friends who have been where you are now. Don’t wait for outside funding to build a…

WORK IT: Is It Spring Yet?

No one is happier that Spring is finally upon us than we here in The Sowing Room. And though we have a few more weeks of wind chill and slight chances of frosted precipitation, we’ve been eagerly building our Work It! outfit board on Pinterest. The sweet treat above is our favorite but there are tons of others from which…

Our Launch Party

Hi everyone! We are thrilled to invite you to The Sowing Room’s super fabulous cocktail launch party happening next Thursday, February 28, 2013. Our boys over at Iron Bar, Morristown, will be graciously hosting us from 6:30 to 8:30 with complimentary light fare and an AMAZING new Happy Hour selection, just for us (we’re talkin’ three-dollar-this, five-dollar-that). We will also…