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I’m On Indigogo

Hi Friends. My last blog post garnered so much support for Crazy Aunt Lindsey and her Fab Lab. I am humbled by it all. I have been so encouraged that I have finally launched the campaign of, what feels, my life. Please help The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey raise $10,000 over the next 35 days by donating to the campaign, blogging, tweeting, and talking about this project with your friends, family, parents, teachers, and, yes, even your kids. Here’s the official link. Thank you and wish me luck!

WORK IT: Is It Spring Yet?

No one is happier that Spring is finally upon us than we here in The Sowing Room. And though we have a few more weeks of wind chill and slight chances of frosted precipitation, we’ve been eagerly building our Work It! outfit board on Pinterest. The sweet treat above is our favorite but there are tons of others from which…